izicount now maximum 99

#1 Increase +60 ==> the new maximum limit is 99


Bakers many of you ask me about the max limit of the counter, some claim to be able to count more than 39.

I hear your demand and you can consider this limit is exceeded and now

  • the maximum you can count is 99 with the same hardware design.

From 0 to 39, the display is as shown in the video and the animation. From 40 to 99 the tens color will change:

  • 40, 50, 60 tens will be green
  • 70,80,90 tens will be White.

units 0 to 9 will be blue, or change from blue to yellow, orange and red according to the 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% of the maximum you set.

So counting from 0 to 39 stays easy as it is, if you need to go upper, you have to know the color of the tens.

For example if you set a maximum @ 56 : 100% is 56; 75% is 42; 50% is 28; 25% is 14

  • 56 display with 2nd tens led in green, 0-6 unit led in blue
  • 42 display with 1st tens led in in green, 0-2 unit led in yellow
  • 28 display with 2nd tens led in in orange, 0-8 unit led in orange
  • 14 display with 1st tens led in in red, 0-4 unit led in red

Another examples: 99 display with 3nd tens led in white, 0-9 unit led in white

Remember if you do not use set button (to set the maximum), units led will stay in blue all the time. And if you need to count from 0 to 39 counting system stays as describe .

I hope this update will answer to more players need 🙂


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