iziCOUNT counter with LED display for Tabletop Games


Tabletop Games point counter

Tabletop games and miniature games in particular require good management of the points of the different units on the table. Players use different objects: dice, tokens, wheels, various and varied indicators… often these are not readable, not stable, and are subjected to different movements on the game table, they are flipped, the score modified or lost, which affects the quality of the game.

IziCount is designed to be simple and readable, accessible at any moment to manage and memorize your points of the critical elements of your units.

What does  iziCOUNT

iziCOUNT simply replaces or completes all score and point marking tools of the tabletop games

Explanations of iziCOUNT counter for Tabletop Games

Points count

Whatever the game, iziCOUNT will allow you to manage your points, thanks to its colorful LED display.
It can count from 0 to 39 points

Your score is visible

Day or night iziCOUNT displays your points clearly and from a long distance.
At each level the display changes color:
red >Orange >yellow >blue


iziCOUNT is stable, only a clear push on the buttons allows you to change the display. It will keep your score safe.

Calculation of the levels

iziCOUNT calculates for you the levels 75%, 50%, 25% of your maximum. You are thus visually informed of your progress in the game

The functioning of iziCOUNT

iziCOUNT how it works video

Example of use in pictures

In this example, the user wants to count 24 points backwards.
To do this, it will display the value 24 using the right button to increment the value (+1), then with the middle button it will record 24 as the maximum. Thus 4 different color levels are calculated:

  • from 24 to 18 the display will be blue
  • from 18 to 12 it will be yellow
  • from 12 to 6 Orange,
  • from 6 to 1 red.
The user will then use the left button (-1) to count down from 24 to 0.
He can reset the counter to 1 at any time by pressing and holding down the middle button.

iziCOUNT in situations

iziCOUNT simply replaces or completes all score and point marking tools of the tabletop games

Very cool, intuitive and quick to set up. It is discreet, while providing clarity to the game. The function of the coloured levels is very useful.

P. Castelanno
Gamer & Imprerium leader

Very good idea, we were looking to get rid of our ugly and unreadable tokens, iziCount will replace them.

Les bofs
Gamers team

Great, I tested it on 2 Warhammer 40K tournaments. No problems and a quick and easy integration. In addition to attracting the eye it helps to make diversion...

Titus Poulo
Hardcore gamer W40K

News iziCOUNT

Original design 

iziCOUNT is entirely designed in our French design offices.
Our unique design, integrating electronics, software, mechanical parts is designed to last with the lowest possible energy consumption.
By reducing the number of components to a minimum, we focus on the quality of each one.
Completely designed in 3D, our design was designed for mass industrialization.

Specifications Technical

iziCOUNT dimensions drawing the counter for Tabletop Games


Length: 50 mm
Width: 33 mm
Height: 10 mm

Weight: 26gr with battery


Lithium battery: CR2450
Autonomy in use: 10 to 20 hours depending on use.

Our Commitments

iziCOUNT is reliable, simple and fun, it’s up to you to play!


iziCOUNT is guaranteed-out of batteries


We ship worldwide (extra charge)


If you need us, we are available 7 days a week