not funded

End of the projet Kickstarter : iziCOUNT is over.


Thanks a lot for your support,

despite your trust iziCOUNT is not funded.

The adventure ends here, because iziCOUNT was a real kickstarter project, seeking to establish the existence of customers for a product and asking for their help by financing its industrialization.

I confirm what is written everywhere about kickstarter projects, success is due to the exposure of your project.

I have made the choice not to include in my funding budget a few thousand euros (!) to finance advertising, or a communication agency. This is probably a mistake.

Indeed, with only 692 visits to the kickstarter page in 30 days… 9 visitors became bakers which means 1.3%. It would have taken only 15,000 visitors to reach the funding.

Of course I tried to make the product known:

facebook advertising 60000 people reached 1100 who clicked on the link
youtuber sponsorship request: 0 answers / 23 requests
banner ad on specialized site: 0 visit
dedicated website ( : traffic unchanged
twitter: no impact on visits
Another important objective was not achieved: to have feedback and questions from potential customers, having had few visits, I had very few questions… and in the end I don’t know if the product can be better adapted to the needs of players.

Last little return: the video (which takes a long time to make) is only viewed in its entirety by 9% of visitors… but I don’t know the reason (too long, too boring????)

Here I hope these returns will be used by other kickstarter adventurers.

Regarding iziCOUNT it’s over.


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