iziCOUNT counter for tabletop game prototypes on going

Programming of iziCOUNT microcontrollers

I quickly understood that this small iziCOUNT counter requires an electronics with a microcontroller.

Indeed it is necessary to manage a large number of leds and different configurations according to the games. It will therefore be necessary to be able to program the counter.

Here we go! I integrate the microcontroler and I start the firmware.

iziCOUNT can have a large number of leds, but at the same time it is necessary to check that the power consumption remains reasonable to ensure a good autonomy to the counter.

Programming the microcontrollers requires a few jobs, preparation of a pre-wired card to simplify the work and the acquisition of a clamp to program directly the small SIO8 cases.

iziCOUNT counter for tabletop game prototypes on going

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